How Do Puffins Hold So Many Fish In Their Mouth?


Puffins love sand eels, but how do they hold so many of the slimy, slippery things? Well, it turns out the puffins have a very special trick up their sleeve…er…beak.



As you can see, the inside of their beaks have a thick orange layer of skin that acts as a gripper against the slimy scales of the fish, and its tongue is specially adapted to hold the fish against the orange pad, allowing for maximum mouth stuffing. The Atlantic Puffin is able to carry up to 10 fish in their beaks, but have been seen to squash more in there for a short amount of time.




2 thoughts on “How Do Puffins Hold So Many Fish In Their Mouth?

  1. Hi – I love your picture of the puffin with beak crammed full of fish! Is that picture available to be used? I am writing a song about puffins and would love to use that pic with the lyrics – of course I would give you full credit for the picture. Cheers, Andy

    1. Hi Andrew! Thanks for stopping by.
      I’d love to claim ownership of the picture, but it belongs to Kevin Edi at Here is the link to his penguins gallery, although I didn’t see the picture you wanted in my cursory search: You can contact him for permissions on his page.
      I’d love to hear your penguin song though, if it’s something you’ll be sharing. If you’d like, perhaps I could feature it in a future post. 🙂

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