Music of the Day: Introducing the Chapman Stick


The Chapman Stick is a kind of wide-fretted electric guitar with 10-12 strings that allow for the performer to play the melody as well as the accompaniment simultaneously. It was invented in the 70’s by jazz musician Emmett Chapman. Because it’s electronically amplified, there’s no need to pluck the strings; merely placing your fingers on them makes a sound for you. Different pressures and touches on the strings change the tone and volume of the sound, making it especially complicated. Because of this, not many people have mastered the instrument, and it remains fairly obscure. Robert Culbertson in the video above is one of the few skilled musicians that can show the full potential of the Chapman Stick.


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Nepalese Doctor Has Saved 100,000 People’s Sight

Nepalese eye doctor Sanduk Ruit has taken it upon himself to help people who can’t afford traditional health care. Over the decades, he has restored the eyesight of over 100,000 people with a simple procedure that would otherwise be unavailable to his patients.

Most of the blind suffer from cataracts, which he treats by making a small incision in the eye, removing the cloudy cataract, and replacing it with an artificial lens.

Aside from this, he and another doctor runs an eye hospital called ‘Tilganga’ in Kathmandu, where he treats traditional patients and state-of-the-art lenses are manufactured and exported to 30 countries worldwide.