Photo of the Day


This is not an ear, although it looks and feels like just like one – it’s actually the fungus Auricularia auricula-judae, named after Judas who deceived Jesus Christ.

Found all over the world, it is edible but not very palatable. It used to be used in Europe to relieve a sore throat, and is still put in soups in Asia for colds and fevers.


Travel Back To Rome Through This Stop-Motion Video


This stop-motion animation illustrates how Trojan’s Column is believed to have been made. The way Trojan’s Column was built has been widely discussed by scientists and architects, since even with today’s heavy machinery, building such a monument would be quite the feat. The video shows the most widely accepted theory.



Airlines Calm You Down Using Special Scents


Delta, United Airlines, and Singapore Airlines all use special soothing scents such as fir trees, lavender, chamomile, and citrus in their towels, soaps, lounges, and jet bridges to keep customers happy and calm. It also works as a method of branding, since each airline has their own special scent. The goal is to have people think of their airline when they smell, say oranges, for example. This subtle touch is hoped to boost loyalty towards their airlines in addition to keeping people from becoming restless during flight delays. More details at the link.




For My Birthday…


I may as well just tell you a few of the things I like, and then, whenever you want to give me a birthday present (my birthday comes once every seven years, on the fifth Tuesday in April) you will know what to give me. Well, I like, very much indeed, a little mustard with a bit of beef spread thinly under it; and I like brown sugar — only it should have some apple pudding mixed with it to keep it from being too sweet; but perhaps what I like best of all is salt, with some soup poured over it. The use of the soup is to hinder the salt from being too dry; and it helps to melt it. Then there are other things I like; for instance, pins — only they should always have a cushion put round them to keep them warm. And I like two or three handfuls of hair; only they should always have a little girl’s head beneath them to grow on, or else whenever you open the door they get blown all over the room, and then they get lost, you know.

— Lewis Carroll, letter to Jessie Sinclair, Jan. 22, 1878

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Tips For A Professional Looking Photo

Want a professional looking photo without paying big bucks? Photojournalist Steve McCurry has created a clean and easy to follow video and list that shows how to create the perfect photo. Below is just an example.

1. Rule of Thirds

Place points of interest on intersections.

Position important elements along the lines.

2. Leading Lines

Use natural lines to lead the eye into the picture.

3. Diagonals

Diagonal lines create great movement.


For more tips, click here.