The Sounds of Pi

I’ve done that before. If you add chords to the first few notes, it’s really pretty. It’s also interesting when you apply the digits to the chromatic scale instead of just the c scale. That way, it makes more sense, since the c scale only has 8 notes, and pi goes up to 9. The chromatic scale has 12, allowing each digit to have their own note. It makes more sense musically also. Tau is very interesting applied to the c scale, as well as other irrational numbers and fractions. If I remember correctly from my playing around, the square root of 2 is very pretty and could easily be made into its own piece. Maybe that will be my next project….

The guys who did this video are called Numberphile. Their videos are really interesting, especially if you love playing with numbers. Feel free to check them out!

(via Youtube)




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