U.S. Government Still Pays For 2 Civil War Pensions


April 9th, 1865: the day well known throughout the United States for being the official end of the Civil War. But despite it happening 150 years ago, the government is still paying for two veterans’ pensions!  Is that even possible?

Yes it is, as shown by the records of the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, stating that two children of Civil War veterans, though in poor health, are still enjoying their pensions from their father’s service.

These children, who wish to remain anonymous, both suffer from illnesses that prevented them from ever becoming self-sufficient, and that it is possible that the absence of a mother in their youth and the death of their fathers qualified them for a life time pension.

Even though I respect their decision, I wish they didn’t want to remain anonymous! The tales they could tell!

Bonus Fact: The last known Civil War veteran, Albert Woolson, died in 1956 at age 109. The last widow, Gertrude Janeway, died just 9 years ago at age 93.


(via Neatorama)


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