I’ve noticed them quite a few times myself and wondered what they were. Good to finally have an answer.

The first few minutes are enough to find out, but to briefly explain what they are for those not interested in watching the video, antibubbles are just like regular bubbles but inverted. Regular bubbles consists of a thin layer of liquid encasing a gas. An antibubble is a thin layer of gas encasing a liquid, typically one different from the liquid it is surrounded by.



2 thoughts on “Antibubbles

  1. I just landed here on a link to a link to a etc…
    This is incredible. Your last post was in August. I could not stop scrolling back the posts were so good. Damn , you are doing something right. I just realized I have been mesmerized for over an hour.
    I hope all is well with you and the the pause is not something serious. I have seen enough people of my generation disappear. A friend in Ireland told me not so long ago “He’s fishing in our pond now”.
    From your taste in posts I assume we are of more or less the same generation. I really like what you do and envy you a bit for doing it so well. It takes a lot of stamina and taste to produce quality so consistently.

    Matthew O’Rourke

    1. Hello Matthew,

      I am so touched by your note! I am always thrilled when anyone enjoys a single post, so the idea that my blog would entertain someone for so long makes me very happy! I hadn’t realized I hadn’t posted anything in so long – I’ve been caught up in school and haven’t had much time to devote to it. (I would love to know if that confirms or contradicts your assumption of our being of the same generation, though I suspect it contradicts.) I will definitely be getting back to posting soon, as my bookmarks have been building up quickly. Thank you again for writing. It means a lot, and I hope you check back every once in a while.

      All best,

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