Link Dump

We take universal signs for granted. After all, they hardly take any effort to understand and are an integral part of our world. But who invented them, when, and why?

A clever Cinderella costume

How and why did a dead millionaire prompt women in the early ’30’s to have as many children as possible within 10 years?

This sweet, fruit smelling cup is designed to help you lose weight.

Why is mint associated with fresh breath and cleanness? Why not another flavor?

In the age of clickbait and overly dramatic TV science programs, formal academic articles found in scientific journals have been seeing an increase in inflated language such as “groundbreaking,” “amazing,” and “unprecedented.” How is this affecting science?

A short article on the important of bass in music from a neurologist’s perspective.

A ring from about 850 A.D. was found in a female grave in Sweden bearing the inscription of “to Allah.” This helps to confirm the theory that Scandinavian Vikings were traveling to Islamic countries.

This lost Michelangelo painting has been hanging in a man’s living room in New York for years.

Do NOT put powdered sugar on a birthday cake with lit candles.

How do scientists synthetically create and recreate scents?



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