Link Dump

Pope John Paul II’s favorite recipe: the Poland Polish Kremowka Papieska, here for recipe and here for video. Incredibly rich, but looks delish.

A closer look at this Rembrandt reveals several layers.

This breed of chickens is completely black, inside and out.

A blocked toilet in Italy led to a new museum after a little excavation led to an old Roman grain storage site, the tomb of Messapians, and the basement of a Franciscan convent.

11,000 years of isolation has led to this Venezualan town in the Amazon to have a completely different set of gut bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics.

A short history of the stethoscope.

What the Vietnam War revealed about Native Americans and their hair. I’d take it with a grain of salt, but it’s interesting.

New theory on the Nazca Lines: were they used like road signs for traveling?

A new world record for Libor Hroza, who scaled a 15 meter wall in 5.57 seconds.

Are you ready to be completely disgusted? This spider dissolves her guts to feed her children.

The man who tastes sound.

How does lithography work?

These pants are painted to look like a comic book.

This 51-year-old man sneezed out a child’s toy dart that he had apparently stuffed up his nose over 40 years before.

What that extra shoelace hole on your running shoes is for.

Leprosy in the UK probably originated from one Scandinavian man.



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