Music of the Day


The faces are a bit distracting, but it’s interesting to see all the things an accordion is capable of in the right hands.

Below is another clip with Nick Ariondo, featuring the santour.


2 thoughts on “Music of the Day

  1. One of the problems with the accordion is the facial expression. I play very simple tunes but my wife tells me that I take on the appearance of a serial killer at work when I am practicing. I have recently introduced the smile to my practice routine but it is difficult to co-ordinate both hands, the bellows and my facial muscles….

    1. I’ve experienced that too! (Although I unfortunately don’t play accordion.) I’ve heard from other people that I frown ferociously and twist my mouth a lot, but same as you, trying to manually manipulate your face to be aesthetically pleasing feels like more work than actually playing. While I don’t always do it, there seems to be a thing with organists where they grunt and wheeze. Of the three professional organists I’ve had close contact with during a performance, two of them have replaced facial expressions with making sounds. It’s interesting what happens when musicians concentrate very hard….

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