Just A Typical Girl Band – With An Average Age of 84

Surrounded by blood pressure monitors, defibrillators, and walkers, KBG84 is a Japanese girl band with 33 members averaging 84 years old (the age minimum for joining the band is 80). Based on their young hearts, enthusiastic smiles and agile joints, you almost can’t tell the oldest member, Haru Yamashiro, is 97.

Much to their credit, KBG84 is on tour, traveling Japan from their home island of Kohama in Okinawa. “We felt like stars in Tokyo,” stated 86-year-old Hideko Kedamori. “Everyone in the audience had a big smile, which gave us the energy to sing our hearts out. We’re blessed to have been born in Kohama. Our lyrics are about the island and nature – whales in the sea spouting or dolphins doing somersaults.”

Created by Japanese musician Kikuo Tsuchida, KBG84 is a play on the Japanese idol girl group AKB48. For the original group, 48 stands for the number of members in the band, while 84 in KBG84 stands for the average age of the band members.




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