New Insights into Parkinson’s and MS

Scientists may have found a possible cause of Parkinson’s Disease – through varying levels and varieties of gut bacteria. Whether this is a cause or a symptom is still up for debate, but there is definite correlation and could at least impact what vitamins Parkinsons patients take.

This lady says she can smell the disease, even before symptoms begin. If true, it might back up the case that bacteria is involved.

This has a lot more proof: an Italian doctor, in an attempt to cure his wife suffering from the disease, looked into some early documents first recording Multiple Sclerosis. One of the doctors noted that patients with MS had a high level of iron in their brain, and listed it as a possible cause. Going on this, the Italian doctor ran some tests, and has succeeded in curing not only his wife who hasn’t had a single symptom since having undergone a remarkably simple procedure, but so has 73% of his other test patients.




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