An Entertaining Collection of Clothespins


Lovely how the most ordinary of objects can be turned into charming little conversation starters. That tea one is such a good idea.

They now sell in some craft stores the tiniest of clothespins, a fraction of the little one Prof. Tim showed. I’ve seen them around in some places, most notably to secure Polaroids onto twine for a display, but they’re so tiny they really are doll sized! I liked the clothespins more than the pictures I was supposed to deeply contemplating, haha! Lizards and dog fur and blurry, off-centered pictures of roadside plants, fence posts, and rusty road signs all treated with Instagram filters and framed with a wall of rough cut cedar boards (expensive!) contributed to the atmosphere of a wannabe hipster photographer, but the display was clever. I liked the clothespins. And the free food. this is getting off topic.


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