Music of the Day

In this ever increasingly youth-geared and driven society, it’s very common to see videos and articles of child musicians and mathematicians and artists and so on, who more often than not are merely victims of adults wanting their child or student to be special. Yes, children learn quickly and well when drilled enough, and there are plenty that sing and play instruments with remarkable accuracy, but often at the sacrifice of allowing them to mature completely. They dutifully learn their pieces with precise mimicry, even succeeding in mechanically recreating every stretch of every pitch and duration to mimic emotion, but you can see when they play that they lack an appreciation of what’s being manufactured. Yet every once in a while there is an occasional someone that learns the music, grasps its essence in their souls with a maturity and understanding far beyond their age, and then is gifted with the drive to develop the technique required to recreate it well. This combination is something that just can’t be taught.


Update: Looks like the whole family’s talented too.


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