Julia Child Used To Be A Spy?

Did you know that before she became a world-renowned chef, Julia Child was a spy?? And a fantastic one at that. She and several other famous names now have their history revealed.

It’s reached a new low, folks. These teenage employees were so engrossed in their own conversation that they failed to recognize when a robber attempted to rob the Subway where they were supposed to be working. As the video at the link shows, after a couple minutes of standing and trying to get their attention, the would-be robber had no choice but to leave the store. Those kids failed so hard they won.

The origins of the red, green, and yellow traffic lights.

The San Andreas fault isn’t the most dangerous one. It’s his lesser-known brother that runs for 700 hundred miles off the coast of the Pacific Northwest. This is the one we should be worried about.

Why do we pick our nose?

Why are dogs so happy to see us when we get home from work?

This house from the 1940’s was completely untouched until the brother and sister living in it for the past 70 years passed away and the house’s insides were broken up and sold at auction. That absolutely drives me crazy when that happens. Why couldn’t it have been made a museum instead? At least we have pictures of what it looked like.

Similarly, here’s one from the 1950’s, with all the bells and whistles, all in Mamie pink, of course.


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