Link Dump.

Mikemikemikemikemike! What time is it Mike! hahaha! Link dump time! woowoo! <—(in case you don’t get the silly reference.)

Okay, silliness over, on to particle detectors. (woowoo!) “A new ultra-precise particle detector is being developed to investigate the bizarre properties and behaviors of tiny elementary particles that seem to defy the laws of traditional physics.”

In 774 AD, a red crucifix was seen in the skies and noted on a British parchment. This, along with a mysterious spike of radioactive carbon-14 in Japanese tree rings, are both indications of a supernova or solar flare. However, scientists know of neither in that year. So what happened? It has to do with a red dust cloud and the Earth’s positioning with the Sun.

Archaeologists discovered a pot of 2,400 year old soup. Not exactly edible, perhaps, but impressive nevertheless. The soup, found in a tomb near the ancient city of Xian, was still liquid, and was found along with a vessel of wine.

Abraham Lincoln and his wife were extremely devoted to their sons. On February 20, 1862, William Wallace Lincoln died of typhoid at 11 years old. He was very similar to his father in character and intelligence, and the two were very close. So close, in fact, that Lincoln could not see his son buried, but rather embalmed him and kept him in his friend William Thomas Carroll’s family vault, where he visited his son often to talk to him.

If you never learned a language, can you think to yourself? When we think through a situation, or think in general, we unconsciously think using the language we have learned. But what if we never knew a language? How could we still work through a logic problem or anything if we can’t express it, even in our minds? If we can’t, then how did we create language in the first place? An interesting thought.

There’s lightning – and then there’s dark lightning; the lightning we can’t see, that contains high doses of radiation.

A demonstration of medieval armor’s flexibility. Armor was impressively heavy, to be sure, but there are so many images of knights needing cranes to get on a horse that push the idea that they completely restricted movement. The foot soldier’s armor, shown above, allows for surprising freedom of movement. The heavy armor for those on horseback were used more for those in jousting tournaments, and were not regularly used for hand to hand combat, for obvious reasons. Men that fell off their horse in that heavy armor often had difficulty getting back up and once down, were effectively dead.

How to turn your smartphone into a cosmic ray detector.

A new method of measuring magnetism atom by atom. Basically, scientists have realized they can distort an aberration corrector (typically used to enhance microscope images) to enhance the magnetic signal of an atom so it can be measured. Without this distortion, measuring an atom’s magnetism is basically impossible, which makes precise measurements of magnetism in larger experiments a whole lot harder.

Painters, builders, winemakers, chemists, housewives, plumbers, etc. all loved lead. Little did they know what they were doing to themselves. A short history of the fatal attraction of lead.

A theory on why we dance from the perspective of evolutionary psychology.  After all, we all have an innate urge to dance, despite our culture, religion, gender. But why do we?



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