Music of the Day

Today’s music was going to be something else, but this has been in my head for hours. It’s said that the only remedy for an earworm is to listen to the whole song to keep bits and pieces from replaying. Maybe blogging will do the same. Or it will simply give me an excuse to listen to it again. (which I’m doing right now.)

The music video, like all of Ok Go’s videos, is quite impressive. I’ll add two other favorites below the featured one.




2 thoughts on “Music of the Day

  1. Nice choice. The first video I ever saw of theirs was with the treadmills; amazed me with it’s complex simplicity.
    I only have to READ the word ‘earworm’ and Kylie Minogue’s “Can’t get you out of my head” pops into mine for an hour or so. grrr !
    another phil

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