Music of the Day

This is my first post of the Music of the Day. Whether it stays Music of the Day is highly doubtful. I will probably just post music at random, since I think it will be too much to maintain a consistent three posts a day.

But anyway, this is what I’m listening to right now. It’s beautiful background music for perusing the internet. Interestingly enough, I’ve never seen the movie, but the music is great. The theme is very famous and is surprisingly well recognized by classical performers/musicians/composers. For movie music, and a relatively recent one at that, getting such recognition is very notable. There is often such a crusty attitude towards new music among classical performers/enthusiasts that anything after 1950 is regarded with an air of skepticism as to its genuineness. I had the great privilege and pleasure of listening to Itzhak Perlman (for free!! One of the many benefits of being a student) when he visited my university last semester, and he played this theme. When he announced it, there was a great cry of pleasure from the crowd. Such a surprise that a movie theme played between Beethoven and Kreisler was so well received.


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