Another Link Dump


We used to have two s’s: a long one and a short one. How did the printing press encourage our language to have only one?

In 1746, a book was written in a secret code that took years to crack. When it finally was, it revealed a secret society.

Benjamin Franklin loved the turkey. He even wanted our national symbol to be one. In fact, he loved turkeys so much that he tried to electrocute one as a party trick.

How about the time he became a colonel in the Pennsylvania militia?

Charles Dickens had a lot of cranky, greedy, selfish scrooges in his books, most notably Ebeneezer Scrooge in his A Christmas Carol. What’s not known is how accurately his figures were based on a real person.

The history and origins of the fork.

A Swedish 16th century warship was discovered, surprisingly intact, and with thousands of pounds of silver coins.


We have red tomatoes thanks to a meteorite

How about the recent genetic mutation that was meant to increase uniform ripeness of the tomato, but has affected the taste quality?

With seven billion people on this Earth, it isn’t surprising that there are unrelated people who look alike. This photographer decided to capture some.

Parents who don’t want to kill their terminally ill children because of religious reasons are being accused of torturing them. “The doctors, from Great Ormond Street Hospital, called for an overhaul of the legal system to reduce the weight given to parents’ religious beliefs in such cases.”

Geneticists have developed a fruit fly that can count.

This father and daughter are the first two people to share in a telepathic conversation thanks to science.

4,000 year old Chinese noodles were found.


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