Belarusian Woodcarver Makes Clocks Completely Out of Wood

An art like this is hard to find today, especially since every day items such as clocks, pots, dishes, tools, etc. have been taken out of the hands of the craftsmen and into those of metal machines. However, Andrey Martyniuk, a woodcarver in Belarus, still practices the art of making incredibly beautiful and intricate clocks entirely from wood.

With a degree as an engineer, it takes all the skill Martyniuk has to create a working clock. While he bases the components off of metal, it took him three years on his first clock to figure out how to adapt the clock’s mechanism to the softness of the material and its expansion due to humidity. Despite this temporary set back, wood has the advantage of not expanding due to heat, making it less affected by temperature changes.

Because crafting these clocks takes such a long time and requires so much care, Martyniuk has completed only about 20 clocks in the 16 years he’s been building them. While he certainly can’t support his family with building clocks, making money is not his goal, but rather his fascination with wood drives him to continue this art. He is happy knowing that something he makes with love will give joy to others.



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