One huge link dump

Ok folks, I have such a huge collection of bookmarks starting years back that I’m just going to unload a bunch here. Peruse as you will.

Here’s a great start: A bone eating worm. Something has to clean up the remains the fall to the bottom of the ocean.

Quantum mechanics is as shaky a science as the particles they attempt to study. However, a (once) new discovery on how particles communicate with each other over distances has closed a seeming contradiction of physics that Einstein once struggled to close in his theories.

While we hear of numerous species going extinct, here’s one that was recently discovered. A new species of whale was found when construction workers on a California road uncovered its skeleton.

Another species! How about a tarantula the size of your face to ponder when you go to sleep tonight. But don’t worry. You needn’t fear unless you live in Sri Lanka.

A team of researchers in the Cambodian jungle discover the lost city of Mahendraparvata, a medieval city built 350 years before the Angkor Wat temple to its north.

What makes someone mentally ill, psychologically, physically….socially? An interesting perspective from someone who was diagnosed, but not really mentally ill. It is all too true that doctors today are much too eager to diagnose mental illnesses to people and prescribe debilitating drugs to them. This impedes not only their ability to attempt to function as a regular human being, but it impedes our progress in understanding the human mind and the subtleties of its functions.

There were so many people that didn’t take the Civil War seriously that there were picnics of up to several hundred people who would gather with food and blankets to watch the battles on the sidelines, close enough to observe the action but far away enough to avoid seeing the blood, death stares, and agonizing cries of the soldiers.

Yamaha created a silent piano: a grand piano with the same touch, sound, etc, but with a headphone jack to enable silent practicing.

It has become socially unacceptable to be bad at grammar. So why is it socially acceptable to be bad at math? In fact, I personally hear many of my friends and coworkers loudly proclaiming, almost with pride, that they are bad at math. It is almost as if it’s cool, since at least in the United States, the majority of our students are barely passing mathematics. So why is that?

“Sometimes, when you shut your eyes tightly or are in a pitch black room, your eyes decide it’s time for a light show. Random, psychedelic-like patterns and flashes of color will dance around your field of vision like it’s 1969. While you can appreciate the entertainment, in the back of your mind you wonder what is causing the phenomena.”

Which drugs actually kill Americans?


Thomas Edison may be known for a lot of inventions, but many of these weren’t even original. Here is a list of seven individual inventors who came up with sound recordings before Edison’s team of inventors did.

The history of applause – is it a natural human tendency, or is it learned? Here is an interesting history of its development and how it has changed from being used to scare enemies in battle to a means of encouragement and approval.

The medicalisation of evil: how can one diagnose a truly evil person? In science, it has become the norm to completely block out religion. “The answer, of course, is subjective. Many scholars have argued that our concepts of deviant behaviour have changed over time, first being seen as a sin, then a crime and now a medical problem.” An interesting perspective on medical diagnoses and Christianity. The bottom line is, as he put it, that mental illness is not a choice. Cold homicide and evil cruelty is a choice.

The Victorians were absolutely obsessed with hummingbirds.

Foleys, gaffers, python wranglers…what does it all mean?

A Roman brick with a cat print was part of Washington’s Fort Vancouver. How’d that work out?

How did rabbits bring about the end of the Neanderthals?

Harry Houdini, the great magician and escape artist, kept a scrapbook on his thought, secrets, and tickets from his acts. That scrapbook was lost – until now.



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