Why Does Hot Water Freeze Faster Than Cold?

In 1963, Erasto B. Mpemba, a Tanzanian high school student, noticed that freezing a hot ice cream mix froze faster than a cold one. Scientists were baffled by “the Mpemba paradox” until now.

Tutankhamun died on his knees in a chariot crash, was hastily buried, and spontaneously combusted, resulting in major burns on his body.

Prehistoric civilization was waaaay more advanced than we often allow for. They were master architects, agriculturalists, astronomers, mathmaticians, and inventors. Three such “modern” inventions included batteries, nuclear reactors, and telescopes.


Which is healthier: fresh or frozen foods?


Talk about a fancy and time consuming way to dress up your party, but very fun regardless!


For a classical music lover, this isn’t exactly music, and not quite traditional dancing either, but the choreography and muscle control is incredible.

The story of a woman and her loving husband who completely live and dress in the Victorian era.

An instrument invented by Leonardo da Vinci is heard for the first time.

A new ligament was found in the human knee. What does this mean for future surgeries?

Total cloud inversion is a rare phenomenon when ground heat is released rapidly enough to cause a layer of cool, damp air to be trapped under the layer of usually cooler air. This typically creates a special, highly dense kind of fog, but what happens when it occurs in the Grand Canyon? It creates clouds at eye level, making for quite the surreal picture.

What happens when a book falls into a bog and sits there for 1200 years? Most of the paper rots away, except when bound by the ink, creating a literal alphabet soup.

Looking for an easy way to purify water? Use rubbing alcohol combined with tomato and apple peels.

In rural areas, germs aren’t the only danger to drinking water; pollutants and pesticides can get into supplies too. But soak small segments of peel in a rubbing alcohol solution, dry them out, and put them in dirty groundwater for a couple of hours and they adsorb heavy metal ions, dyes, pesticides, and nanoparticles like gold and silver. Remove the peels and the water is ready to drink. While it doesn’t rid the H2O of pathogens, it provides cleaner water using biowaste already on hand.

Here’s a link to a whole year of creepy scientific discoveries, including a new species of nematode that lives solely in people’s mouths.

The science of waddling penguins.


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