We Have Three Eyes


Human beings all have what has been called a vestigial (unused) eye in their brains. This eye has a structure similar to our external eyes, with retinal tissues, and it is sensitive to light. …This eye, known as the pineal gland or pineal body, has been much-discussed in philosophy and medicine.

Neptune Society is a cremation service located in Florida that allows you to have your cremated remains mixed into the concrete structures of an artificial coral reef about 40 feet down at the Neptune Memorial Reef.

Sister Mary Kenneth Keller was the first woman to earn a PhD in computer science in 1965. After graduating from DePaul University, the Catholic nun went on to teach in the computer science department at Clarke College, Iowa for 20 years.

These are called Chladni figures, discovered by Robert Hooke in 1680. It’s name comes from German physicist Ernst Chaldni, who researched this phenomenon in the 18th century.

About 30 years ago, Kurt Constenius, then a graduate student at the University of Arizona, collected hundreds of insect fossils in Montana and stored them in his parents’ basement. Retired biochemist Dale Greenwalt has been collecting fossils for the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, and the Constenius family decided to donate all those fossils in the basement. Greenwalt noticed that one particular mosquito preserved in shale (not amber) was different.

It turns out the mosquito is full of blood, but because DNA disintegrates so quickly, there is no way we can tell which creature the mosquito last fed from.

Peyton Robertson is an 11-year-old boy who invented a simple but effective sandbag alternative. Instead of being filled with heavy sand, the Florida native filled his sandbags with salt and an expandable polymer. It’s lightweight and easier to transport, and to set in place, can be hosed down. The design of the sandbag allows them to conveniently and very tightly interlock into place. Peyton won the grand prize in the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge, earning him $25,000 and a trip to Costa Rica.



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