The Woman Who Spent 61 Years in An Iron Tube


Martha Mason was a remarkable woman who spent 61 years immobilized in a pressure ventilator, also known as an “Iron Lung,” that she relied on to keep breathing. A victim of polio at 11, she had little choice but to be placed in this machine to avoid suffocating due to her paralyzed chest muscles. However, this did little to stop her from graduating high school and college with the highest honors, hosting dinner parties, and writing a book.


In collaboration with the Festival d’Opéra de Québec, TFO (a Canadian French language educational and cultural public television station) brought opera to the people by inviting the public to engage with a new interactive and never-been-seen-before instrument.

The Living Opera Organ is a 12-note, giant keyboard that you play with your feet, featuring opera singers who elegantly belt out their corresponding notes as the different keys are played.

James Barrie’s Peter Pan is one of the most well-known children stories of all time, sparking the imaginations of children of all ages. However, there is quite the back-story to the book, starting with the death of James’s brother and the man’s subsequent inability to grow any older than 13.

Were the first prehistoric cave artists mostly women? Previous studies had assumed the painters were men, but studies researching the relative lengths between fingers suggest otherwise.

Why didn’t people in the 19th century smile? The answer is pretty simple. Photographs were methods of documentation. Grinning like a uncouth fop was far from civilized.

Why are there Bibles in hotel rooms?

A new species of prehistoric elephant – with a spork in the place of a trunk.

A clever pop-up book designed by French artist Marian Bataille.


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