So What Exactly is Play-Doh Made of?




2 thoughts on “So What Exactly is Play-Doh Made of?

  1. When we children were small we tried a few recipes to make some homemade “play dough.” One recipe worked fairly well and if stored properly kept for a while…..but, it didn’t work well enough because one of us (I won’t tell which) kept eating it (no aluminum sulfate) So Mom went back to buying the real deal. The Easter bunny even left a small can in our Easter baskets! Best of all, Mom let us mix the colors. We learned for ourselves what happens, so we could decide the fate of our future cans of colorful Play-doh. I know what I’m getting next trip to the store. : )

    1. Yes, I always enjoyed Play-doh too. We didn’t get it much though because Mom was worried it would get ground into the carpet. =) But I remember when I was maybe 2 or 3 and still in Nevada Mom made homemade play doh out of flour, salt, and water, and I sat on the counter and messed with it. We made several batches, messing with the proportions, and seeing which batch crumbled or hardened when it came out of the oven. One of my most favorite memories! =)

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