The Unheard Beethoven


A while back I stumbled across an interesting website consisting entirely of hundreds of practically forgotten Beethoven compositions. This is not entirely surprising considering Beethoven was an extremely prolific composer, and wrote stacks upon stacks of music – after you take into consideration the stacks of others he destroyed because of their imperfections. So while there are hundreds that are regularly played, with some so famous that even the average person would recognize certain opening motives (here’s looking at you, Symphony No. 5 and Ode to Joy), there are many others that have been lost, even to the most educated of classical music enthusiasts. There are even more that have not even been cataloged properly, making it fairly impossible to locate.

This website is dedicated to listing them all and is well worth perusing.

They even list some compositions that have been accredited to Beethoven, making it a point to clarify which ones are genuine and which aren’t. For example, this song was widely recognized as being Beethoven’s in the the 19th and 20th centuries due to money-hungry publishers, but is really much too romantic for Beethoven.


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