5 Surprising Things That Have Cow In Them


1. Car Tires

Or rather, rubber, which contains the fatty stearic acid derived from beef fat. Stearic acid is also found in rubber, as well as in soaps, cosmentics, detergents, lubricants, candles, fireworks, and food.


2. Drywall

Just about every house in the many countries contains drywall, the gypsum plaster sheets that make interior walls and ceilings. The gypsum sheets have chemicals added to them to stabilize them, including stearic acid (mentioned above) and oleic acid as an emulsifier and thickener.


3. Paint

Paint also contains cow. The binder in that keeps other chemicals together is called casein, a protein found in cow milk. This chemical is found in all milk products, including yogurt and cheese.


4. Sugar

Granulated sugar may not actually contain cow parts, but cow bone ash is used as a filter to decolorize sugar into the appealing white color.


5. Asphalt

Cow, along with other animal by-product based additives are added to asphalt and various other products to help the pavement mix and spread well without sticking to equipment, as well as a crack preventer as the mixture dries.


(via Neatorama)


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