Medieval Poison Ring


This bronze ring was found in a medieval fortress in Bulgaria, and dates back to the 14th century. Although rings are as old as dust, this one is rather unique, because it was designed to hold poison. Simply open the ring and pour the poison into a rival’s drink, and voila! a clean murder and a foot-up in the social or political ladder.

These rings were used well up into the 17th century, and were not as uncommon as one might think. It’s just unusual to find one in such fine condition, and in that area at the date. What makes it so unique is that is was designed to be worn on a man’s little finger on the right hand, so that the hole in the ring could be easily covered up by the other fingers, containing the poison until just the right moment. The design also allows for a smooth and fast pouring, unlike other poison rings that have problems with suction, making it harder for the poison to leave the hidden basins.

Read more about it in this news article and this one.


(via Erik Kwakkel)


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