Ma’am? I’d Like To Return This Book, Please…


“Of course,” the librarian at Centre College might say. “Do you have an overdue fine on it?”

“Oh, yes, and I definitely think it will be rather large.”

“Okay, how long have you had it out?”

“150 years.”


The book is the second volume in a collection entitled “Ancient Civilizations” by Charles Rollin, a successful 18th C. French scholar whose books have been treasured through the centuries. Apparently, this one book was so valuable to one reader, they had to “borrow” it permanently. They seemed to have felt guilty at the petty theft, since in the back of the book is lightly scribbled, “July 24,1854: From this day forth I shall eat neither meat nor gravy.”

Stan Campbell, the director of library services at Centre College in Danville, Ky., received the 185-year-old book from a student intern who found it while taking an inventory of books at the nearby Kentucky School for the Deaf. Campbell mentioned that all eight volumes have disappeared over the years, so many other people have found a great interest in the collection.


(via Fox News)




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