Ancient Egyptian Meteorite Jewelry



This post’s title sounds like it’s from a Mad Libs game, or maybe from some far-out sci fi movie, but actually it has been recently discovered that the skillfully shaped iron shown above is not from Earth. Those beads are meteorite beads, and were designed at around 3300 BC by  ancient Egyptians.

The Egyptian word for iron translates to “metal of heaven,” which is quite aptly named, since they saw the metal falling from the sky, and thought they were gifts sent down from the gods (or so modern Egyptologists claim). Dr. Joyce Tyldesle, a senior lecturer in Egyptology at The University of Manchester explains further:

“Today, we see iron first and foremost as a practical, rather dull metal. To the ancient Egyptians, however, it was a rare and beautiful material which, as it fell from the sky, surely had some magical/religious properties. They therefore used this remarkable metal to create small objects of beauty and religious significance which were so important to them that they chose to include them in their graves.”


To read more, click here.


(via Neatorama)


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