New Fossil Sea Creature Found



Scientists from the University of Cambridge and Yunnan University have discovered a well-preserved fossil of a 530 million-year-old sea creature, an anthropod called a fuxhianhuiid. The creature had limbs under its head that were likely used to sort and sweep food into its mouth as it crawled across the sea floor, and had the earliest known example of a nervous system that extends past the head. According to the University of Cambridge, these anthropods lived about 50 million years before living creatures ever walked on land.




(via Laughing Squid)


2 thoughts on “New Fossil Sea Creature Found

    1. I did some research, and the size is not shown, not even in the original article, where the discovery of new fossils are officially released. That’s highly unusual, but they want you to subscribe to their magazine in order to read the whole article. However, one of the pictures of the fossil includes a scale in an attached pdf file, and I approximated the length of the fossil to be 25 mm long. Really small.

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