The Spectacled Eider


The Spectacled Eider(Somateria fischeri) is a large sea duck that breeds on the coasts of Alaska and northeastern Siberia. At sea, eiders forage on clams, polychaete worms, and other organisms on the sea floor. In winter, the world population of Spectacled Eiders group at a single site south of St. Lawrence Island, Alaska, in the northern Bering Sea. In the summer, the species is divided into three breeding populations; western and northern Alaska and northern Russia.


(via The Soul is Bone)


One thought on “The Spectacled Eider

  1. Very little is known about eider sea ducks, and the spectacled eider (Somateria fischeri) is no exception. It was not until using satellite transmitters in the mid 1990’s, that wintering grounds for the world population of spectacled eiders were discovered between St. Lawrence and St. Mathews Islands in the Bering Sea. Inhabiting sub-arctic and arctic environments, spectacled eiders, like their cousins, live in some of the most remote and extreme environments on earth. Spectacled eider populations inhabit the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta along the western Alaska, the North Slope of Alaska, and the arctic coast of eastern Russia. Global population estimates vary up to 375,000, the majority of which represents the spectacled eider population breeding in Russia.

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