The Last Telegraph


144 years after the invention of the telegraphy, the telegraph is still going strong in India. Over 5,000 messages are sent daily, because for many, the telegraph is the only means of communication. But on July 14, the BSNL board, responsible for sending the electronic messages, will shut their service down.

“We were incurring losses of over $23 million a year because SMS and smartphones have rendered this service redundant,” [said] Shamim Akhtar, general manager of BSNL’s telegraph services.

This will leave thousands isolated once again because although shutting down the telegram is meant to push people into buying more cellphones, many people in India can’t afford the service. I wonder what the last telegraph will say. Maybe it should reflect the first telegraph’s message, which included a quote from Samuel Morse, “What hath God wrought?”


(via Neatorama)


2 thoughts on “The Last Telegraph

  1. In the US we have a radio system called the M.A.R.S. system. Military Auxiliary Radio System. They are a volunteer group of civilian Amateur Radio Operators. Many are active duty and retired military. It began in 1925 by members of the Army Signal Corp. It started as a volunteer group. The Army enlisted their help to train troops on the new technology. Today as then these radio operators are an invaluable link during emergencies.

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