What does 1 billion year old water taste like?


Well, that’s what Barbara Lollar, one of the scientists who collected the sample of water, decided to find out. The sample, taken from an isolated underground cavern 1.5 miles under Canada, has an estimated age of 1 – 2.64 billion years old, which is thought to be roughly half the age of the Earth. After testing for anything toxic, Lollar took a sip. Here’s her description:


What jumps out at you first is the saltiness. Because of the reactions between the water and the rock, it is extremely salty. It is more viscous than tap water. It has the consistency of a very light maple syrup. It doesn’t have color when it comes out, but as soon as it comes into contact with oxygen it turns an orangy [sic] color because the minerals in it begin to form — especially the iron.


For more, click here.



(via It’s Okay To Be Smart)


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