Heavy Metal Music Makes Your Plants Disease Resistant


BBC radio host and award winning gardener, Chris Beardshaw, recently completed a survey that shows the impact of music on the growth and health of plants. He and his team set up greenhouses with different styles of music playing constantly. Classical music plants were tall and full, but were delicate and susceptible to disease. The plants with heavy metal music, one patch with Black Sabbath and one with Cliff Richard, had completely different results. The Black Sabbath plants’ growth was stunted, but were very hardy, had lots of flowers, and were almost completely disease-resistant. On the other hand, all the Cliff Richard plants died. It is still unknown why and how music impacts plants in such drastically different ways, but it is very likely involved with the frequencies of the sound waves. Any ideas? Leave a comment below. As with all my posts, I would be very interested in your opinion.


(via Orange News)


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