Another Link Dump

Edmund Blair Leighton “A Little Prince Likely in Time to Bless a Royal Throne”

This is a very stunning painting, but what makes it even more special is the unique way Edmund Leighton signed his art. Note in the lower right corner by the stairs is his name etched into the stone banister with the date underneath. How very clever.


Here’s an article talking about the fifty year old theory of bees being attracted to flowers from an electric charge formed between the two objects. The positive and negative charges increase as the bee comes closer to the flower, causing the pollen to stick to the bee through static electricity. Researchers noted that under high speed cameras, they could see that the pollen would jump towards the bee even before it had landed. To learn more, click here.


During WWII, food became less scarce and more expensive, and so new recipes had to be invented that were edible, cheap, and would last a long time in the fridge without drying out or rotting. Enter Jell-O, the best thing since sliced bread to those living during WWII. (sliced bread was also a WWII thing). And enter all those Jell-O recipes, which may not be the best thing for Laura Shapiro and her husband, who set out to make and taste-test every single recipe desperate housewives invented, including Shrimp Aspiric Mold, Chicken Mousse, and Pork Cake.


Mathematicians worked out how many moves it would take to play a complete game of Monopoly. Turns out, they cut the usual hours, if not days long game of passing go into four moves. Now that’s my kind of game! (via)



Have you ever looked at pictures of magnified viruses and wondered at their perfect symmetry and beauty? Well, so has Luke Jerram, who determined to recreate some of these deadly killers in hand blown glass with the help of a virologist and a glass blower. The results are quite amazing.


“My therapist told me the way to achieve true inner peace is to finish what I start. So far today, I have finished two bags of M&M’s and a chocolate cake. I feel better already.”
—Dave Barry


Actual selections from John Williams’ sheet music for orchestra. (via)


Here’s some more lighthearted websites.

Here Is Today is an interactive website that lets you put the Earth’s history into perspective.

Rubik’s Cube House tells you exactly how many Rubik’s cubes it would take to build your house.

And to close today’s link dump, here’s a very helpful video of how to tie a bow tie, without any hands to get in the way.



One thought on “Another Link Dump

  1. This is a wonderful read. Morris is a complex, compelling, and well-rendered character. His thought process is endearing and marvelously child-like. The pacing is well handled as well. So much of the book is leading up, but Robertson handles it right so it pulls you through and you don’t feel like it’s just a lead up. Robertson’s writing is touching without becoming overly nostalgic or sentimental.

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