The Inventor of The Stocks Was The First One In It

When colonies in New England were just being founded and law and order were still being formed, punishment was given to people by using iron leg shackles, called bilboes, which were imported from England. However, Boston wanted something else because the bilboes wore down, and set out a call to young inventors. Edward Palmer took the job, and gave the colony its first set of wooden stocks. These new punishment devices were much better than bilboes, because they didn’t wear down so easily, were more humiliating to wear, and were cheaper.

At least they were supposed to be. When Palmer completed his stocks, he submitted the bill for one pound, thirteen shillings and seven pence. The governor considered the price exorbitant, and soon dealt with the situation by fining the young inventor five pounds and putting him in his own machine until he lowered his prices.


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