A New View of the Mona Lisa

In early February, a copy of Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, Mona Lisa, was found deeply hidden in the vaults of the Prado Museum in Spain. As scientists stripped away the layers of black paint and varnish that covered many details, they realized that this wasn’t a copy of da Vinci’s painting, but was a painting by one of da Vinci’s key apprentices, Francesco Melzi, who painted his piece in an art class at the same time da Vinci was painting. Melzi’s perspective gives new glimpses into the very famous woman and provides a more accurate idea of what she may have looked like. Melzi portrays the unknown woman as being slightly chubbier, and art critics are fascinated at how different the eyes look. Many critics had thought that Mona Lisa didn’t have any eyebrows; but Melzi shows that she did – but are very skinny and sculpted. Also, da Vinci’s Mona Lisa appears to be middle-aged, partially due to the dark cracked varnish that no one has dared clean off, while Melzi’s painting shows the woman as being much younger.



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