Who Invented Sliced Bread?


“That’s the best thing since sliced bread!”

Just about everyone knows that saying, but how many people know the history behind it? And more importantly, why on earth is sliced bread so great?

Well, when sliced bread was first invented in 1928, it wasn’t thought to be that amazing at all. In fact, it was scoffed at, and baker and inventor Otto Frederich Rohwedder had a hard time convincing people that his invention of 15 years in the making was worth buying. People can just slice their own bread, right?

Right, but it’s not nearly the same, and within a few years, people started to realize it. Sliced bread was not only more convenient and looked nicer, but it toasted more evenly. By WWII, the military was using tons of Rohwedder’s sliced bread to serve peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as part of soldiers’ rations. When the war ended, the soldiers brought their new favorite sandwich back home, where it caught on for good, convincing their families and all the generations after that few things are better than sliced bread.


(via Mental Floss)


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