Is There Gravity In Space?


Despite popular opinion, yes, there definitely is. The term “zero-g” is a misnomer, because gravity is literally everywhere.

Gravity from every star and planet pulls and pushes on the fabric of the universe, causing it to expand and contract, according to today’s theories. Think about space ships and satellites orbiting the earth. The Earth’s gravity is what is keeping all of those satellites in orbit, even though they are far into space.  I know that you are familiar with the idea of things floating freely in space, but even then, gravity is influencing the object. What is really happening is that the objects in orbit fall sideways as they fall towards the planet, keeping the object in orbit and feeling weightless. So the only force (or supposed lack of force) that makes things float in space is the presence of gravity, the very force that is supposed to be absent.

Granted, depending on where you are in space, gravity is very weak. Where the space station roams, about 250 miles above the earth, the force of gravity is about 90% of the surface gravity, but it is nevertheless still there.


(via Life’s Little Mysteries)


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