Quebec’s ice hotel

The Hotel de Glaceis is the only ice hotel in North America. Made from 15,000 tons of snow, 500,000 tons of ice, and many skilled artists, this hotel is almost magical. Despite it’s huge size, it only takes a month to build. The hotel is built like a sandcastle, piling snow and ice around a metal frame and then allowed to harden in the chilly air before the supports are removed. The walls are four feet thick, and although it is ice, it acts as an insulator to keep the guests nice and warm. That is the amazing property of ice. Although the ice itself is freezing, you can build a fire inside it and not cause the ice to melt. Something about the compression between the hydrogen and oxygen electrons. Don’t ask me.

Not only are the walls ice, but all the furniture and decorations are as well. 36 rooms are beautifully decorated with columns, archways, decorative sculptures, and colored lights to create an awing atmosphere. There is even an ice cafe that can be converted into a chapel for weddings!

Since I couldn’t copy and paste any more images, click here for more info and pictures.



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