Clothing in the year 2000

Fashion designers in the 1930’s were asked to predict how they thought clothing would look in the year 2000. Some of those get-ups remind me of flash gordon. Sci-fi, completely outrageous, and funny.

Wouldn’t they be shocked to see what some people wear, or to be more exact, not wear. Ugh.


2 thoughts on “Clothing in the year 2000

  1. Definately not out of the world enough, too much like the ’30’s and ’40’s with some odd changes, although one pair of shoes looked sort of ’70’s, and the one Valkeryie dress was too.

  2. Oh but you have to keep in mind to, that this was the time period of some of the most flattering clothing, so the notion of unflattering clothing was too much for them to have considered.

    The bottom line is, people today don’t know how to dress, and in large part the problem too is, they don’t have much to select from that is tasteful. The fabric too is awful, the absolute worst quality, but the prices haven’t changed, still very expensive.

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