Art installation operates like a huge lung

Hylozoic Ground, a Canadian art installation that was exhibited at the Venice Biennale, sounds like a really lovely, immersive environment. Here is an explanation of it that words it better than I ever could:

Tens of thousands of lightweight digitally-fabricated components are fitted with microprocessors and proximity sensors that react to human presence. This responsive environment functions like a giant lung that breathes in and out around its occupants. Arrays of touch sensors and shape-memory alloy actuators (a type of non-motorized kinetic mechanism) create waves of empathic motion, luring visitors into the eerie shimmering depths of a mythical landscape, a fragile forest of light.

I don’t know what I should think of this. I love artsy, out-of-the-box kind of inventions and things, and this certainly is. I think it would be fun to be in it and see this white glimmery stuff moving around you, but I’m not sure this would become a famous attraction.

Hylozoic Ground


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